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Welcome to the middle of the week! It’s time for some videos to distract you from work, unemployment or what other activity else fills your day. This week we’re starting off with Red Bull’s latest bonkers challenge – David Knight, two time motorbike enduro World Champion on a 510cc powered KTM Enduro bike versus Gee Atherton on a pushbike fuelled by his legs and gravity. Who will be faster down the Fort William track?

We’re entirely over the whole snow thing now but this video makes it look much more fun than it’s really been. Some nice bits of exposure too…

Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg has unfixed his fixie. Sadly he lost the brakes – which ended up breaking him. Before that happened he did things that’ll blow your mind and leave chunks of grey matter all over your keyboard.

You may have noticed how excited we’ve been by the news of the Transition Bandit trail bike. Here’s Transition Bikes owner Kyle Young talking about the new bike as well as pinning it. Did we mention we want one?

Want to ride the South Downs? How about doing in in your lunchbreak? Ta daa…

Toby Owen got inspired by Midweek Movies and made this little autumnal gem around the trails in Newbury. Looks rather nice..

The guys from This is Sheffield have made another episode of their web series, riding ‘Truffle Shuffle’ in Wharcliffe Woods. It’s a bit different from your usual… There’s plenty going on in Sheffield at the moment, lots of grass roots racing, people getting involved in access issues and of course, loads of trail building. They’ve also started up the Sean Bean Syndicate – take a look at their T shirts HERE

This video kept us laughing for hours as we played it over and over again. Well, apart from Matt who kept shouting at them to get up and do it again. Two brave (possibly foolhardy) riders, one gap jump and some of the most brutal cases we’ve seen for a long long time.

We should warn you that the following videos contain bad language and shouldn’t be watched if you’re a child or a sensitive type – or at least turn the sound down so you won’t be corrupted. We apologise if you previously saw these videos and were offended by the language in them.

After we’d seen that video we had a look on their YouTube channel. Turns out they do other sports too. Boys of T1twenty, we salute your enthusiasm and congratulate you on always having a man with a camera around to immortalise the inevitable. Contains swearing, watch out kids…

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    Is it me or does the rider in the south downs video need to change the angle of their brake levers? Painful wrists or what!

    Umm, that South Downs way vid isn’t the South Downs Way. It’s on the South Downs and ends in Southwick by the looks of it.

    That gap jump video is just beautiful.

    “South Downs” video must be a pisstake, surely.

    Whoops – have changed that…

    Dead sailor AHOOOOOY….
    I’ve told you before Jon-don’t mock the mentally impared.I can only assume 1-20 is the spread of IQ’s.Good entry for the Darwin awards tho.

    Who’s the music by on the ‘This is Sheffield’ vid?

    South Downs looks a bit dull…?

    huh – i really enjoyed the south downs stuff.

    This Is Sheffield track is : Hey Boy – Teddybears Sthlm

    I can just understand SS, rigid and the like but riding without brakes… even if you session runs that’s still mad.

    So the mods on the forum are cracking down on swearing, yet here we have two videos on the FRONT PAGE of STW which include music littered with profanity?! And after Mark has been banging on about this being a site accessible to families. That is both hypocritical and patronising in equal measures.

    Nice vids though.

    Liked the Newbury video. Could you tell me where it is as I live in Newbury and need to find some better local trails? Cheers

    Are they colour blind in Sheffield? Good point Kit. It’d be nice to have some warning before showing these vids to our bike daft 7 year old.

    dabbaashley, the Newbury trails are aound the Southern edge of Greenham common (around the old missile bunkers) and also Newtown forest. For Newtown forest cross over Basinstoke road from greenham common and head up Aldern Bridge Road then take a right down Broken Way (you’ll have to mess around a bit to find the trails). There is also a cracking pub up that way 😉
    If you need a guide let me know, happy to show you some of the trails.

    ace music on the bavarian vid, who is it??

    Tvco, I’ll take you up on that day, thanks for the offer and the info.!

    Guys any chance can you get these to work on an iPad?

    timbur – the first bit is the sdw just west of the Dyke.

    Not only are his brakes at an odd angle, his bars look like they’re fitted so that the ‘sweep’ goes forward, not back.

    Agree with Kit – to be cracking down on swearing on the forums and then include vids with swearing does rather smack of ‘don’t do what we do, do what we tell you’.

    A very fair point about the swearing crackdown followed by a vid full of profanity etc. Would have been a terrible shame to miss out on the excellent gap jump heroism/comedy though….

    Mr Ackrigg.

    “Forget” that for a game of sausages!

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