Gee Atherton’s Hard Line POV – VIDEO

by 8

I think  there are very few words to describe this video, but chief amongst them must be *ULP*.

He didn’t ride the step up – GEE ATHERTON DIDN’T RIDE THE STEP UP – how gnarly IS this thing?

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    did he miss the big jump coz it wasn’t finished?

    I think it’s a fair bet someone will be doing themselves a serious mischief on that course. Make me clench buttocks just watching it.

    two words: chuffing ****ing Nora!

    There are times when I think of myself as ‘a mountain biker’, clearly I’m not even close.

    I’ve just spent the last 4 minutes squirming in my seat!

    Just amazing skills. And huge, huge Kahuna’s.

    Sweet jeezus! Hardline, they’re not kidding…!

    Don’t think I’ve ever fidgeted so much watching a POV, realised I was lifting my legs up at every jump, willing him to land it!

    That is not a course i would like to crash on…

    ugh that line through tree stumps that switches to the left hand way along was grim, in fact, it was all sort of double size and speed! like a trail centre on acid

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