Riding The Goldfields Track

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During the first week of Spring, two friends and I set off from Southern Cross train station in Melbourne, Australia, to embark on a three-day, point-to-point mountain bike ride through regional Victoria. Starting in Ballarat, we made the 200km off-road journey along the Goldfields Track, passing through historical gold rush towns including Daylesford and Castlemaine, before finishing up at the track’s end-point in Bendigo.

goldfields track australia victoria wil barrett summer
The Goldfields Track is a 200km point-to-point mountain bike ride. Photo: Wil Barrett.

Although the Goldfields Track has traditionally been a walking trail, in recent years there has been a significant push from state government to open the track to mountain bikers. And it’s no wonder why. Aside from taking riders along the beautiful rolling landscape that is the Goldfields region, there’s also a plethora of killer singletrack to discover. And for anyone who can appreciate what life must have been like back in the 19th century, the historical aspect of the Goldfields Track makes this journey quite special too.

goldfields track australia victoria wil barrett summer
Originally a walking track, the Goldfields Track naturally translates to mountain biking. Photo: Wil Barrett.

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  1. If there is any doubt how cool Andy and Paula are have a look at my trip from a few months ago. Words,pics and riding might not be to the same standard though.

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