Sea Otter 2017: Ortleib’s New Bike Luggage

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A couple of years ago, Ortlieb launched a neat new range of frame bags that carried on its principle of waterproof luggage, but in a frame mounted soft-sided style. They were pretty huge, to be honest, and were only really going to work if you were on the mother of all trips. There’s now a new range coming out later in the year with a more medium sized outlook…

Medium sized seat bag in the works
Medium sized frame bag is ideal for day rides and smaller trips
We’ll come back to that cockpit bag in a minute
The accessory bag remains, but there’s a new smaller bar bag that will fit drop bars if needed.
Super reliable metal buckles and waterproof welded seams.
The cockpit pack doesn’t have a waterproof zip, so there’s a clever rubber gaiter with water drain holes.
These new ‘Gravel packs’ are smaller panniers for people who don’t want frame packs – or who’ve overpacked…
They’ll run front or rear
This EPP (expanded polypropylene) rack box is ideal for bringing chilled beer or cheese home.


The box itself it light and insulated enough to not need ice to keep things cool. Picnic anyone?