Sea Otter 2017: New At Fabric

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Fabric Cycles (those folks behind Charge Bikes and the famous Scoop Saddle) had a small booth at the Sea Otter as it’s still a pretty new brand for most US customers. While there’s a bigger launch of stuff planned for the summer, there were still a couple of sneaky things on show if you looked hard enough.

Fabric Accubar

The Accubar is an in-line gauge you can hook up to a track pump or air line to give you an analogue gauge with a lot of low pressure accuracy – unlike on most track pumps that go up to 200psi, to leave you squinting at the area where ’22psi’ should be… It also lets you keep it in place while pumping – something that a discreet digital gauge won’t. The Accubar also has a bleed valve for letting your tyres down to fun levels of grip. UK price is looking like £45.

Neat and shiny Fabric Accubar
The gauge uses Fabric’s presta/schrader screw-on valve system
1% accuracy is quite the claim for an analogue dial
US dollar prices have now reached parity with the UK. Hmm…

Scoop Sport

Fabric’s Scoop saddle has to be one of the most ubiquitous bits of bike-related undercarriage support systems in the UK since the Flite saddle in the 1990s. And now, there’s a more affordable version coming out – the Scoop Sport.

The Scoop Sport has steel rails to save money
The Polypropylene base is tough, if a tad heavier than the regular Scoop.
It will only come in ‘none-more-black’

The Scoop Sport is expected to come in at £29.99.

Expect more news this summer from the UK-designed brand

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  1. If they don’t bring back the Surface Snugflex hoodie I’m going to go on the rampage in Frome.

  2. Make sure you let us know so we can get the cameras out… 🙂

  3. That accubar would be a nice addition to a pop-bottle or fire extinguisher tubeless inflator, though the price kind of nullifies the lost cost objective.

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