Interview: Dan Stanton – redefining how we build and buy bikes?

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Hannah will shortly be testing a new Stanton Switch9er FS. Rather than just waiting for it to turn up by courier, she went of for a day in the Peak District to see the bike being made, and even 'helped' with a couple of bits. While she was there she took the chance to sit down with owner, Dan Stanton, to find out a bit more about his vision for the company. It's bigger than you might expect...

I arrive at Stanton Bikes to find them busy attaching their business plan to the wall. It's a slick series of infographics, bullet pointed targets, and mission statement. Sadly, perhaps, this is the kind of thing that gets me excited. Business analysis and project planning - my life before Singletrack dealt with this kind of thing, and it's a level of professionalism not always associated with the bike industry.

Stanton Hannah
Screw your courage to the sticking place.

In fact, this level of 'business' feels a little bit frowned upon. It's the kind of thing that distinguishes the big corporate bike brands from the boutique ones: sorts the money from soul. But at Stanton there are no qualms about being businesslike - and owner Dan talks enthusiastically about the consultant he's worked with to get these plans together. He thinks they're an important part of focusing energy and resources in the right places, and has some clear ideas about how to be a big business without selling your soul.

The Times They Are A-Changin'


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