Add-on disc brake mounts

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  • Add-on disc brake mounts
  • Premier Icon molgrips

    Is there one that doesn’t interfere with a rack and guards?

    A2Z one looks good but it might interfere.

    Premier Icon windydave13

    I just welded one to the back of my old gt. Used the caliper to drill the holes for the bolts and then clamped the caliper on the disc to align to the frame so adjust the plate and then welded it on.

    Its still going strong 10yrs on 🙂


    these and cable disc brakes – this sounds like the start of another molgrips epic journey thread…


    I’m a fan of the Specialized adaptor. You need a hole on the dropout to mount it to so doesn’t fit all frames but quite a few. Once fitted it becomes part of the frame so no fiddliness when changing wheels. You can easily add another hole to the bracket itself for guards and rack if it doesn’t clear the existing ones. Only problem is that they are very hard to find now.


    I’ve got a BETD adapter on my Zaskar.

    It has flat dropouts so will fit.

    I had to drill and tap 2 holes in the frame to mount the adapter but it is now part of the frame and isn’t a hinderance when changing wheels etc which I think is one of the downsides of the A2Z.

    The problem is as per above – they are very scarce nowadays.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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