Singletrack Magazine Mission Statement

Singletrack is a bridge between the bike industry and the buying public. We serve both groups equally, as a provider of information, news and entertainment and as an access point to a market audience of millions. We provide the industry with access to that market  and we also provide the information, creative content and publishing matter to our readers. We attempt to balance the needs of both groups while growing our reach and sustaining our business.

The dividing line between both of these groups is grey and undefined. Where it is drawn depends on where you stand. Singletrack will always seek to avoid ambiguity and to this end there are things we stand for and things we simply will not do.

  • We will never allow financial pressures or incentives to influence the honest opinions of our editorial staff or contributors.
  • We will mark clearly where financial activities have shaped or help create any editorial content through clear labeling and categorising of sponsored content or display advertising.
  • Reviews of products will never be linked to advertising spend.
  • Choice of products included in reviews will always be made on the basis of what is right for the editorial balance of the publication.

Access to our audience is for sale, but our editorial integrity is not.