Singletrack Premier Dealers

Our industry leading, IBD advertising service covers all the bases.

Singletrack’s competitively priced Premier Dealer service has been refreshed again for 2017, to allow more opportunities for forward-thinking bike trade businesses to promote themselves and engage with our enthusiastic cycling audience.

Premier Dealer Soho Bikes (London)

Our most popular Premier Dealer businesses include Independent Bike Shops (IBDs), online retailers, emerging brands, ‘Holiday, Training and Tour’ companies. The industry talked. We listened and responded with Premier Dealer.

It offers the most ‘bang for buck’ exposure to our informed and affluent readers: by creating a linked advertising/mag stockist advertising package, that allows this exclusive group of businesses promotion across various media, including a position in every copy of our award winning magazine – in print, digital and app versions.

Premier Dealer Ubyk (Oxford)

In addition, we rotate our Premier Dealer’s bespoke, (MPU sized) online ads in a dedicated, prime location on (Europe’s largest MTB website – 9m page views/1.6m unique users, per month). We continue to innovate: launching a unique, Premier Members iOS App that helps our readers find you on the high street and online.

With Premier Dealer’s ads displayed in rotation, thousands of times a day and by promoting your business online and in print we can help you grow brand awareness and drive more traffic onto your website and/or footfall into your premises. Since that’s where most of our Premier Dealer’s mags are stacked up and deals are promoted, we gain readers and you gain an opportunity to build relationships with quality customers. Simple.

The fastest growing part of the service is through our dedicated Social Media support: putting our Dealer’s messages direct in the timelines and streams of our huge global audience. We ‘Share’ our Premier Dealer’s Facebook posts and ‘Re-Tweet’ their Twitter tweets, to our massive global audience.

Premier Dealer spread from the Singletrack print Mag

Becoming a Premier Dealer costs just £49/month (plus VAT) and you can sign up today by completing the Direct Debit form below.

As soon as we receive your completed direct debit form, artwork for website Ads, exclusive Subscriber Offer, and first Facebook share; we’ll activate your subscription service. We’ll talk you guide you through making the most of your arrangement. We’ll also be in touch with the details we need from you in order for us to start promoting you on our website to get our all important readers into your shop. To follow will include your complimentary copies of Singletrack with your listing included, starting with the next Issue.

Premier Dealer Package

  • Your own website Ad displayed in a prime position, to help us promote you … (New from March 2015: larger ‘MPU’ 300 x 250 pixel Premier Dealer ad spec size) worth up to £115/month*.

Tweeks Cycle’s Premier Dealer online ad10 complimentary copies of Singletrack to sell or use promotionally, every Issue in the UK – RRP £5.95 each (1 copy of Singletrack per Issue, to any Worldwide address)
  • 10 complimentary copies of Singletrack to sell or use promotionally, every Issue in the UK – RRP £6.50 each (1 copy of Singletrack per Issue, to any Worldwide address)

  • Listings in our dedicated Premier Dealer sections on our website and  in the magazine

  • Various opportunities to feature in our Premier Dealer online promotions such as the regular ‘Tuesday Treats‘ web feature

  •  Proactive promotion by us of your social media activity, to our huge social media audiences – Twitter (daily support) c. 50,000 ‘Followers’ and Facebook (weekly) c. 560,000+ ‘Likes’

  • Have your business events (cycle demo/open days/product launches) published in our front page News Section and promoted through social media

  • Preferential treatment for your cycling related press releases through our website

  • Campaign support for business development projects such as through Kickstarter

  • Preferential display advertising rates in the Printed, Digital and App magazine versions

  • Discounted ad rates for our sister publication, focused on promoting adventure and cyclocross riding

  • A one-stop service to attract our readers and build your brand profile

  • Part of the Premier Dealer Package is providing an offer Exclusive to Singletrack Premier Subscribers 

All from just £49/month (plus VAT) via Direct Debit. To get started just fill in the Direct Debit form below and add your signature. We’ll then get you set up with everything you need to start getting more of our readers into your business.

  • *Based on 65 dealers sharing 6 million ad impressions/month @£1.25 cpm

For an informal chat about how the Premier Dealer service can take care of all your advertising needs, contact Ad Sales on 01706 813344.

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