Members Card Information For Premier Dealers

On this page we detail the ways that our Premier partners can verify the subscription status of any customer claiming their Premier deal/discount. At any point you can call the office to have us verify the subscription status of any customer on 01706 813344

Plastic Card (Now retired)

All our annual Premier Subscribers prior to December 2015 were issued with a card that identifies them as a Singletrack Subscriber. The card contains their full name and the address we hold in our records for them.

The card also contains their unique subscriber number.

You should check that the card details match the details provided by the customer before offering them their Premier deal or discount.

Due to the fact we no longer issue these cards you should check using one of the methods below that the customer’s subscription is live.

Digital Card

In November 2014 we launched our Singletrack Members’ Card App. This is a digital version of the members card that also allows Premier members to view a complete list of Premier dealers and partners offers. Please make sure you check that you are happy with your current offer in the app and contact Andi ( if you want to change it.

You can check the validity of the users subscription by looking at the date and time of the last sync to our database displayed at the bottom the users screen. Please make sure you verify the users subscription before you offer them your deal.

Web Based Card

For non-app users there’s also a web based version of the members card that requires the user to login.

If you are presented with the Digital version you can check it is valid by checking the ‘Sync’ date at the bottom of the card – You may need to ask the card holder to scroll down to the bottom of their screen to see this. This ‘Sync’ time represents the last time their phone checked in with our server. If this date is not the current date then ask the customer to close their card app and re-open it. This will refresh their card. If their subscription has lapsed then the card will no longer show their details and will instead ask them to login. If they cannot login then their subscription has lapsed and you should not offer them your Premier deal or discount.

If you would prefer a manual check to be carried out on a customer’s subscription status then you can call us in the office on 01706 813344 and we will verify their subscription status over the phone*.


*weekday office hours only