Sponsored Stories

Some of the stories you may read on our site from time to time may be labelled as ‘Sponsored Story‘. This means that a third party, usually the company featured in the story, have paid us to produce, edit and publish this story. It’s not a news story although to qualify for publishing on our site the story needs to be good content that is engaging and NOT just a simple sales story. All content in these stories is written by the Singletrack Editorial team after careful discussion and consultation with the company paying us to produce it. They are made aware that everything we publish has to abide by our own in house editorial rules and standards.

If a company approaches us with a request for a sponsored story that we do not believe will be of genuine interest and value to our readers then we will reject their request. If you feel that any sponsored story is misleading in any way then we encourage you to tell us about it and we will listen and take note.

These sponsored stories are an important part of our revenue stream but they only work if all parties involved find them useful. This very much includes the readers and their views will always be considered when it comes to what we publish on our website.

If you have any questions about any of our sponsored stories then you can contact us directly on 01706 813344 or email ross@testbed.singletrackworld.com