Voucher Terms and Conditions

Friend Gift Vouchers

The gift voucher gives the recipient access to our Premier subscriber area at http://testbed.singletrackworld.com up to and including the 30th November 2012. After this date access to our Premier system will be disabled for all gift voucher users.

The £5 credit will be added to the account of the subscriber who gave you the gift voucher if you take out an annual subscription with Singletrack before the 31st January  2013. This credit will be applied to their next renewal payment.

The credit is valid against the subscribers next renewal payment to Singletrack only and this credit cannot be transferred or taken as part of any refund.

The voucher can only be redeemed via the printed voucher card. Any vouchers codes copied and posted online will be deactivated and no credit will be given.

To claim the £5 credit against a future subscription renewal the voucher must first be activated at http://testbed.singletrackworld.com/voucher to associate the voucher with the subscription account of the subscriber giving the gift voucher. Voucher codes cannot be activated once the voucher has been redeemed.

Please note that the voucher will work for the recipient whether the code has been activated or not, but only activated codes will be valid for renewal credit.

So.. Activate the code before you give it to your friend.